London Historians’ well-arranged discounts are a great incentive, but I find that as both a Londoner and an historian who frequently works in the capital they are always coming up with something of interest. The varied articles on the website are guaranteed to feed my thirst for even more facts on this wonderful City we live in. Yet, should I ever need to learn more about the various London boroughs, the helpful links connect me to the Local Groups and the wealth of information that many of their members have spent years researching. One doesn’t have to be a specialist to join London Historians, there really is something for everybody.

Patrick Baty – historic paints specialist, London Historians Member

I’ve particularly enjoyed the London Historians socials. There’s always a genuine mix of people spanning all age groups and historical interests. It’s a great place for amateur enthusiasts and professional historians (including some big names) to mix and mingle.

Matt Brown – Editor, Londonist, London Historians Member

London Historians is an excellent organisation which demonstrates that enthusiasm for the history of London and its people continues to grow from strength to strength. Delving into the hidden history of the capital, members of London Historians enjoy informative newsletters and blog posts, as well as regular events and the opportunity to uncover some of London’s best kept secrets.

Victoria Buckley – academic, Shakespeare expert, London Historians Member

Thanks for organising the evening last night. Great to meet so many enthusiasts.

Linda Davidson – History enthusiast, London Historians Member

London Historians’ events and monthly pub meetings are always enjoyable and a great way to meet fellow enthusiasts. I find the varied and knowledgeable newsletter articles a real treat, too.

Caroline Derry – lecturer, history blogger, London Historians Member

I’m so glad to have discovered the London Historians. This inclusive and unpretentious club is a very broad church where you can meet, chat, relax – and also learn some amazing facts about this wonderful city of ours.

Essie Fox – historical novelist, blogger London Historians Member.

It was a really good evening – I was very impressed with all the youngsters there. Well done.

Lucy Inglis – history author, blogger, London Historians Member

It was a really good evening – I was very impressed with all the youngsters there. Well done.
Lucy Inglis – history author, blogger, London Historians Member
This year through London Historians, I have been able to publicise my books, write blogs, win books and meet other members at a variety of historic venues. The pub meets and special nights are fun, and I have made some lovely like-minded friends.

Emma Jolly – Genealogist, author, London Historians Member

London Historians is a great project, bringing together people from all kinds of backgrounds who are passionate about the past and reaching far beyond the academy. It’s good fun, too.

Paul Lay, Editor, History Today

For lovers of London, readers of the seemingly endless stream of good books on the place, and I have to say for authors such as myself as well, the arrival of London Historians was to be welcomed as an imaginative if somewhat overdue initiative on the part of Mike Paterson and his team. The regular newsletters and blog include so much new information about London at a time when so many writers are happy just to rehash the same well-worn stories, and the programme of organised and more informal visits includes many special places to which the public only rarely gain access. I wish it every success, and really do hope it’s the start of something big.

David Long – history author, London Historians Member

London Historians is a fantastic resource for anyone who is fascinated by this extraordinary city. More than that, though, it is a community, bringing together a rich diversity of people with a dizzying and delightful range of interests and expertise, and who collectively embody all that is wonderful about London.

Mathew Lyons – history author, blogger, London Historians Member

I’ve lately been getting obsessed with the stats on my blog and have noticed I’ve been getting referrals from London Historians.

Joanna Moncrieff – Westminster Guide, blogger, London Historians Member

London Historians is the must-join organisation for anyone who wants to meet and exchange views with like-minded fans of London’s history and characters. It’s run in a relaxed and fun but very professional manner, and I highly recommend it!

Caroline Shenton – professional archivist, blogger, London Historians Member

As a history enthusiast living outside of London, joining London Historians has provided great opportunities to meet up with fellow enthusiasts to discus, debate and learn about this aspect of British history. It provides a great excuse to visit London and on occasion meet up with fellow members outside the city, the Bath visit being a particular highlight so far for me. I look forward to upcoming events.

Tom Sykes, historian, blogger, London Historians Member

I did really enjoy the tour and have read your blog this morning. I’ll definitely come along again.

Andrew Woodall – History enthusiast, London Historians Member

As fellow suckers for London’s amazing history, Londonist Out Loud is right behind London Historians. Founder Mike Paterson is tireless in his discovery of the city’s past, and in LH has provided the perfect rallying point for history fiends of all persuasions.

N Quentin Woolf – Writer and Producer, Londonist Out Loud